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we provide code escrow as a legal service, 100%-secure and free for Licensors.


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Code escrow with a trusted law firm


Unbeatable ease of use, three minute-setup & automated deposits


State-of-the-art encryption and access control

For Software Developers & Licensors

As software developers, your essential need is the security of your source code and the protection of your intellectual property. 42escrow has got you covered in this any many more respects:

  • Automated deposits
  • Integration with all popular code repositories.
  • Independent, UK/US-licensed law firm as intermediary
  • Multi-beneficiary management
  • Guaranteed best prices

For Software Licensees

As the licensee, you have a vital interest in accessing the source code of whatever software your business depends on, if the provider is no longer around. 42escrow covers this risk and ensures your access in clearly defined trigger events. In addition, beneficiaries enjoy a number of supplementary benefits:

Multi-supplier management
State-of-the-art legal framework
Quick recovery
Beneficiary accounts

Why people choose 42escrow

Best Price Guarantee

We believe our prices to be unbeatable by other providers. Although you are contracting with a law firm licensed in England & Wales, New York and Austria, you will never pay a cent more than for startup competitors.

Ease-of-use and Automation

Managing a law firm and heading up a software startup makes us naturally sensitive to time constraints. As a result, we prioritized automation and built the most convenient, state-of-the-art code deposit solution in the market – for developers and licensors.

Highest legal standards

Instead of handmade agreements, the legal framework underlying our services is based on 20 years of practicing and studying transactional and technology law at the highest levels. Worry no more, and trust that these agreements will withstand any scrutiny by your own lawyers – should you choose to involve them.

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