42escrow for Depositors

As software developers, your essential need is the security of your source code and the protection of your intellectual property.

Revenue share

Link your stripe account to your 42escrow account and earn money with every escrow contract you close with a beneficiary. The monthly payments will be transfered to your linked stripe account within the same day as your customers pay for the subscription. You can choose how much you want to charge for every contract you close.

Why escrow is important

If you want to convince your partners to build their business on top of your solution you will have to offer Source Code escrow in some cases. Existing Solutions can be time consuming and are not handled by lawyers.

How 42escrow works

42escrow offers code escrow services for software developers and licensees. Licensed as lawyers in New York and England & Wales, we provide code escrow as a legal service, 100%-secure and based on state-of-the-art technology.

Setup daily backups

With 42escrow you can link your git repository to our service so we can make a daily backup of your source code to a AWS S3 Bucket. All you need is to add a SSH key to your repo so we can pull our daily copy. Your beneficiaries will see the last commit hash but do not have insights how many commits you made or any information regarding your sourcecode (size, number of commits, …)

Invite Users

Once you linked all your repositories to our service you can Invite your customers to our service. You can also link your stripe account and collect your own fees along the way. Each invite can have different Trigger events that will release the source code to your beneficiaries.

Get Notified

If a backup is not working or one of your customers has stopped paying for the service or cancled the contract we`ll notify you about the problems.