How to link an Azure repository using a personal access token

As a depositor you have the option to link your repository using a personal access token. To begin, you have to be signed in with your depositor account and create a new repository. Choose a display name that will be used in our software and leave the SSH URL field blank. Your beneficiaries will be able to see this. The display name does not have to match the title of your repository. Click on ‘Use a PAT instead’.

Clone your repository using HTTPS

Next, you can add your repository’s URL. Navigate to your repository on and click the ‘Clone’ button, and copy the HTTPS clone URL.

Create your Personal Access Token

Navigate to your user settings, then ‘Personal access tokens’ and select ‘New token’. Choose a descriptive name for your token, like 42 escrow backup. To create a read-only copy, make sure to only select ‘Read’. Click ‘Create’, copy your personal access token before closing the dialog box. Now you can head back to 42escrow and use the ‘Save and check Repo’ button to finish the setup and see if everything is working.