Hello, we’re 42escrow

We understand escrow for tech companies

Our solution is “right-size-fits-you,” never “one-size-fits-all.”
We know our clients are facing all kinds of challenges, like finding the right conditions for escrow or deliver/receive a backup on a regular.

Through our unique, startup-focused approach, we’re doing our part to solve the current situation of source code escrow.

We've created 42escrow because there was no suitable solution for our clients

In 2019 we started to build 42escrow a client of our associated law firm had the problem that he was not able to find an escrow service that was owned by a trustworthy person. We did a research and also noticed that most of the offered contracts where not suitable aswell. We started prototyping and talking to other startups and built 42escrow.

What we’ve accomplished.

Founded in 2019, 42escrow was the first escrow service that understood that it is a feature for the startups that will use it in the future. Therefore we developed the entire Platform with this in mind, we give the startup the possibility to earn additional money with every escrow contract they close.

The first real backup of a escrow repository was in 2020 and since then we are growing every month.

19 Startups

Use 42escrow every month to offer a secure escrow relationship

3 Trigger Events

We offer three individual conditions for releasing the sourcecode


Backups of Git Repositories


Happy Customers around the Globe

42escrow was easy to setup and all involved lawyers approved the documents in no time.

Demo Review

Founding Partner, Example Inc.

We're using a more traditional escrow service in the past. Since we've moved to 42escrow it is quite easy to get a new client into our escrow agreement.

Max Mustermann

CEO, Todo Inc.

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